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How about a little piece of Among Us, but solo? Roughly speaking, Gnosia offers just that. By mixing the rules of werewolf with a visual novel system, this investigation and bluff game offers an original experience to say the least. The least we can say is that Gnosia has something to fascinate.

Between us

Recommended Configurations This opening sentence would be almost enough to fully describe the concept of Gnosia. Your avatar wakes up in a spaceship with no idea what to do there. The other passengers quickly inform him that intruders are hiding among them. The Gnosia have been infected and are tasked with decimating the rest of the crew. Humans on their side must expose the Gnosia in order to put them into a cryogenic sleep. Obviously, other roles come into the equation to balance the game. So the engineer can analyze a person every night to see if they are affected by Gnosia or not. The doctor, in turn, can check whether the person is cryonically frozen or not. He can thus question the version of certain participants. Other more or less dominant roles are gradually transferred to the parts as the player gets their hands on the mechanics of the game. We’ll be careful not to reveal the extra roles to you as some will reshuffle the cards and it will be a pleasure to discover. The more the parts are linked, the more complex they become as new parameters are added. New characters, new mechanics, additional roles. Everything happens naturally and we are never inundated with information. If a doubt overwhelms the player, the player can always check his database, in which the most important information of the individual characters and the statements of the individual characters during the last debates are integrated. The visual novel aspect really gives Gnosia a strong identity. As the games progress, the protagonists confide in each other and the game world takes on a more precise shape. We love to discover the origins of others or the connections that bind them together. We obviously learn more about the world in which the heroes operate, but also about the impact that Gnosia has on the world and its life. Time jumps occur in each part, which are referred to as “loops”. These loops differ in their order and in the roles assigned. They justify why such and such a protagonist is infected with Gnosia and why he was not in the previous event. Therefore, the player must ignore their prejudices and should not immediately judge a character out of spite. Each of them has a well-defined personality that must be taken into account when making their judgment. For example, Setsu does not hold Sha-Ming in his heart and is quick to unjustly judge him. The comet is not the one who uses logic the most, but rather identifies liars as nobody. Shigemichi is in love with Stella, which could potentially affect his judgment. All of these personality traits need to be considered whether you are a human or a Gnosia. Because yes, the player can play any of his roles and the victory conditions are of course adjusted. To help him with his task, he can award experience points in various statistics such as charm, logic, stealth, etc. This makes it easier for him to spot lies, easily convince his critics, and even unleash crucial skills to facilitate victory.

A lovely cast

What Gnosia really succeeds in at the end of the day is using bows to tell its story. A game that appears to be going on can quickly degenerate due to an unexpected event. Twists and turns and surprises, Gnosia has it all. Unfortunately, in order to install the routine he intends to break, this visual novel / RPG is accompanied by some repeatability. It’s not uncommon to have more than five loops chained together without the scenario developing, which can be redundant. It wouldn’t be a problem if the gameplay dialogs weren’t repeated over and over. The characters have very few lines for the phases of the game. Therefore, each time a character expresses their disagreement the same way. This complaint is particularly pronounced at the beginning of the game, as not all of the cards are in the player’s hands yet. The latter, after all, have access to all game modifiers and even a seed generator that selects the conditions that are most conducive to the further development of the story. This welcome turn offers a second wind to adventure that reaches its full narrative potential. The player no longer has the feeling of making unnecessary runs and can enjoy writing and developing the characters. This is an undeniable strength of Gnosia. The characterization of the protagonists serves both the gameplay and the narrative. We quickly become enthusiastic about this heterogeneous cast, which brings together many different profiles who react in different ways to different situations. This casting also makes it possible to appreciate the excellent artistic direction of the title, which features portraits with lines reminiscent of watercolor. The character design is original and very appealing. When you draw a laughing smile at the life of Chipie and her cat crossing over the back of her neck, it is easy to trust Setsu thanks to his charismatic stature and keen sense of justice. The best part, without a doubt, is that the design of these heroes is another way of exploring a universe richer than it seems. That cat crossing Chipie’s neck has a reason to be there, while Comet’s tattoos are absolutely stunning in nature. We cling to these characters, despite their occasional traitors and various motivations. Notes + Positives A mix between Among Us and the visual novel genre that works Very nice, effective game systems A lovable cast A universe that expands parts New well-put mechanics Surprises and twists You just want a few negatives in English (but on an accessible one Level). Some less interesting parts to anticipate. Too few lines during the game phases. We would have enjoyed a greater number of lines on certain occasions, but it cannot be denied that Gnosia is successful. Cleverly designed, full of charismatic characters and with a universe that is richer than it seems, this original visual novel manages to tell its story in a beautiful way. Alternating bluffing and pure narration, it has an appealing rhythm and a distinctive identity. In short, if you are familiar with English and not afraid of a few lengths here and there, Gnosia is a highly recommended experience. Journaliste March 14, 2021 at 18:51:22 Readers ‘opinions (3) Read readers’ opinions Give your opinion on this game!