The best board game deals

In the past few years, board games have made a strong comeback. It must be said that with the general dusting of licenses and the release of hits like Werewolf or Zombicide, board games are being brought up to date. Zombicide, Mysterium, Werewolf, these board game licenses now have a storefront and promise long hours of fun, laughter, excitement and, above all, fun. However, for some of these titles, prices may go up due to demand and success. We have made a small selection for you so that you can equip yourself.

The best board game deals

Good deal Cdiscount: Zombicide Black Plague

Zombicide is THE champion of this new wave of games that has arrived in recent years. This board game consists in one part of successfully surviving cohorts of zombies who attack in increasing numbers on a map that changes depending on the scenario. Remember to sharpen your weapons! Buy Zombicide Black Plague for € 84.50 instead of € 123.46 from Cdiscount.

Good deal Amazon: Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux

Thanks to the werewolf game, we now know which friends we can count on. This game revealed callings as well as personalities. And now a predator can potentially hide behind every face! This simple and effective game promises you great moments of excitement with friends and, most importantly, some unexpected surprises. Buy Les Loups-Garous de Thiercelieux for € 9.99 instead of € 10.50 on Amazon.

Good offer Cdiscount: Mysterium

If the Cluedo had a brother with a mystical aura, a touch of fantasy, and a spooky mansion, Mysterium would be the perfect match. Cooperative board game, you play as a team of media who are responsible for solving a very dense puzzle. Indeed, a murder has been committed and the victim’s spirit can only rest once the person responsible has been exposed! Buy Mystérium for € 33.37 instead of € 58.54 at Cdiscount. = Good offer Cdiscount: One Piece Monopoly = We no longer present One Piece, a real steamroller of the manga world, and even less Monopoly, THE reference game for every good investor / entrepreneur / startuper. We mix the two and get one of the last highlights of the series on set: the episode of Dressrosa. The goal of the game is simple: the Mugiwara crew has split into three teams, each of which must achieve their goal, progress towards Green Bit, another team towards Sunny to protect the ship, and the last team must do the Destroy Smiles Factory while it saves the Samurai. Add to the luffy who suddenly joins the tournament and you have a game full of excitement and fun. Buy Monopoly One Piece for € 28.84 instead of € 47.50 at Cdiscount.

Favorite: Blanc-Manger Coco & his special Geek extension

In the series of games that can make a whole group die of laughter, Blanc-Manger Coco is at the forefront. This game, which is reserved for 16 years and over, consists in connecting the beginning of a sentence with an end of a sentence and creating the funniest combination. For example: When asked “The end justifies ___”, your chances of winning are slim if you enter “The means” as the answer. On the other hand, if you have the answer “organ trafficking” … and besides, this game has expansions! If you want to rhyme “main character trait” and “podrick”, the “Geekerie” expansion is ideal for you. Buy Blanc-Manger Coco for € 27 on Amazon. Buy extension # 5: la Geekerie for € 13.50 on Amazon. Also read: By MrBonsPlans, partner MP