Nintendo Switch: 5 indie nuggets to discover in the Nintendo eShop

From the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Nintendo Switch is full of Nintendo classics. Thanks to the Nintendo eShop, the console also benefits from hundreds of other independent titles that are absolutely worth watching. The proof at five with our small selection of indie productions! Discover hundreds of games in the Nintendo eShop!

Hades: A villain from Hell

(Action / Rogue-lite – 1 player) Price: € 24.99 Welcome to Hell! You are at home here while playing as Prince Zagreus. You are determined to come back to the surface to learn more about his family. An original script, a pretext for an experience that is both technical and addicting, and devilishly applies the diabolical principle. The aim is to overcome as many rooms filled with enemies and generated at random as possible. This requires learning the many weapons available, defeating formidable bosses, or even spending your money wisely. You will understand that leaving Hell is no walk in the park!

Spiritfarer: She prefers death at sea …

(Adventure, simulation / 1 to 2 players / 1 Joy-Con or 1 controller per player / cooperation) Price: € 24.99 With his excellent artistic direction, Spiritfarer invites us to watch the adventures of Stella the Navigator, a ferrywoman of the heiress of soul, to pursue after Charon. So she has to navigate on board her boat to meet the ghosts and accompany them into the afterlife. Not so ungrateful a task as it offers the opportunity to meet sacred characters! If the concept seems surprising at first, fans of sandbox games will be delighted when it comes to the action, exploration, and management of gameplay. It is also possible to play two in collaboration, with the second player having the immense honor of playing Narcissus, Stella’s cat. Together they are even more efficient at running the boat at full throttle while maintaining the hull. What do you think ? Have you never seen a cat repair a ship?

Untitled geese game: goose and order

(Action, thinking / 1 to 2 players / 1 Joy-Con or 1 controller per player / co-op) Price: € 19.99 The perfect proof that independent developers can turn crazy ideas into extremely entertaining video game experiences, offers Untitled Goose Game stage … a goose! We couldn’t be more realistic, both physically and in terms of character. The bird has a very simple mission: to annoy people as best as possible! By terrifying his targets, stealing their glasses, or simply eating their picnic, our feathered hero must accomplish many tasks to become the ultimate goose. Untitled Goose Game is already very funny in solo and a lot of fun working together. With two mischievous geese released into the wild, pranks and other jokes gain in ingenuity! One creates a distraction, the other steals an object … The two are a couple!

Stardew Valley: The Little House on Your Prairie

(RPG, simulation / 1 to 4 players / 1 Joy-Con or 1 controller per player / co-op) Price: € 13.99 If you have also decided on Animal Crossing: New Horizons, we recommend that you continue with Stardew Valley. A true anti-anxiety video game, this real ConcernedApe title starts with a very simple idea: you have inherited a farm and must do whatever it takes to restore it to its original state. Get out rakes, spades and hammers, there will still be a lot to do! Plowing fields, building enclosures, mining metals, fishing … The activities are numerous and it’s even more fun in the multiplayer mode, as each participant can do their part. It is thus possible to assign tasks to everyone and to form a real smallholder community!

Cyber ​​Shadow: Contra and Ninja Gaiden’s child prodigy

(Action / Platform – 1 player) Price: € 19.99 Are you a retrogaming enthusiast? Since the best soups are made in the best pots, this time the fathers of Shovel Knight (Yacht Club Games) tackle two great classics: Contra and Ninja Gaiden. Cyber ​​Shadow combines the best of both of these references and offers us an intense adventure with a ninja cyborg opposing Mekacity’s many robotic threats. This intrepid warrior is determined to lose his clan’s honor. He has a variety of moves that make the gameplay technical and fun. A nice homage to the action games of the 90s! Cyber ​​Shadow: The new game from Yatch Club Games (Shovel Knight)!

Nintendo eShop: for every taste

With its many new features every week, Nintendo eShop now offers a huge catalog for all Switch owners looking for exciting video game experiences. Thanks to its search engine and filter system, you will inevitably find your happiness by sorting by category, minimum age or price range. To find your next game, go to the Nintendo eShop application on your console or go directly to this address (on mobile devices and in a browser). Do not hesitate, many great plans await you there every week!

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