Magic Legends reveals its Battle Pass

Game News Magic Legends Reveals Its Battle Pass Like many free games, Magic Legends opts for a Battle Pass that is divided into two categories: free and paid. The Battle Pass is becoming the norm in many free games, especially after the formula’s success in Fortnite. We can find it in Genshin Impact, but also in Destiny 2 and many others. Magic Legends is no exception as the Cryptic Studio reveals the outline of this feature.

Free and paid

A new pass will be offered to players every new season, the first of which kicks off during Open Beta on March 23rd. Like its competitors, it falls into two categories: A free line that doesn’t require a purchase. A paid line for which a pass must be purchased for 1000 ZEN (approx. € 10), the premium currency used in most published games. Specifically, in both cases there are 50 levels waiting for the players, with rewards for the key. Those who choose the paid version will also get the rewards of the free version and they will become more interesting. In this pass, regardless of the line, we find elements of appearance for our character and creatures, but also something to improve your hero, in-game currency and material packages. In order to progress, Cryptic states that daily and weekly challenges are available, increasing the experience bar and therefore levels. Magic Legends will be released on March 23 for PC and in Open Beta (via the Epic Games Store), before a more official release on Xbox and PlayStation later this year. By scie-le-vin, administrator MP