Column: Netflix: Have you stopped sharing your account?

Netflix Chronicle: has you stopped sharing your account? Sharing passwords and accounts is common with SVOD services. We borrow our friend’s or parent’s account and use it for free. However, Netflix should be adding a new feature soon that should make this release difficult. FKZ comes back to this in this daily newspaper. You may have already done this. Sharing accounts for services like Netflix or Amazon Prime is common. However, SVOD giant Netflix, with 200 million subscribers, is testing a new feature that would make sharing passwords difficult. Some users say they received a message: “If you do not live with the account owner, you will need your own account to continue viewing.”

A simple test?

Upon receipt of this message, a duplicate authentication request with a code will be sent via email or SMS to verify his identity. Netflix then admitted that the feature had been tested well, but only to combat piracy. It remains to be seen whether or not this test will generalize and whether your friends will continue to reply to you once they no longer have access to your account. Also Read: CHECK ALL THE CHRONICLES FROM DAILY JVCOM By Wuzi_, writing from MP