Call of Duty Warzone: a year after its release, where is Activision’s Battle Royale?

Call of Duty Warzone Game News: One Year After Its Release, Where Is Activision’s Battle Royale? A year ago, a small game called Call of Duty: Warzone made its debut in the highly competitive battle royale environment. And as in any competitive environment, we are always amazed when new faces stand out from the crowd, when the leaders of the genre are already well established. Spoiler: This is the case with Warzone. Three hundred and sixty-five days later, it is time to take stock. It’s no longer a surprise, but it never hurts to remember: once again, Call of Duty is one of the biggest commercial maps of the year with Modern Warfare, the most profitable premium game of 2020 at $ 1.9 billion on a SuperData report published in January. Almost a routine for one of the most powerful licenses in the industry. Another cash on delivery amount has given a significant boost in the last few months and further increased this success. A title that is now at the heart of its publisher Activision’s strategy and that recently blew up its first candle: Call of Duty: Warzone, released on March 10, 2020. To mark the occasion, James Mattone, Editor-in-Chief at Activision, wrote an article on the series’ official blog to especially thank the players. “While the tensions in Verdansk (the main Warzone map, editor’s note) continue, we would like to thank you for the moments you contributed to over the past year,” the man writes before continuing: “At this time you played a pivotal role in some of the most exciting moments in Call of Duty history. ”Mattone unfolds the main events of the title in that first year: the roof of the Verdansk Stadium exploding, the train arriving, the new one Map, Island of Rebirth. And also take the opportunity to tease the changes to come and create an “unprecedented threat” and the role the community must play before it’s too late. Which feeds the many rumors of a nuclear disaster, that could shave the main field of Warzone. But nothing official at the moment. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone start season one

Update back

James Mattone’s retrospective takes a step back in terms of content additions to Call of Duty: Warzone this year. And so much to say that for this reason Activision does not increase the weight compared to Epic Games and Fortnite, which despite its age remains an example of “real updates” (even if these are torn up last after the election) of the working conditions probably still very harsh ). It must be said that the studios working on the Battle Royale had their work cut out for them, with an Infinity Ward ensuring all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare follow-up while Raven Software got its time between that opus and the newest, Black Ops Cold War. Epic Games, for its part, makes a large part of its resources available to Fortnite and not only benefits from many studios around the world. A significant plus. Is it a serious doctor who has fewer updates than the competition? Not really, in that the Warzone gameplay is so successful that it naturally leads to a return to the game. It must be said that Modern Warfare, the episode that preceded the arrival of the Battle Royale, was an excellent foundation, both technical and mechanical. In both titles, it is possible to trigger a tactical sprint to go even faster and lean against a wall for stability. Not to mention the very good filming phases – a habit for the series – as well as refreshing ideas for the battle royale genre, including the famous gulag and equipment stores scattered around the map.

In the right time

And all of these pretty things – offered for free, we remind you – arrived at the right time. As of 2020, a whole part of the world is limited to protecting itself from Covid-19. Activision is therefore releasing a very successful free-to-play, both cross-play and far from pay-to-win, on top of a popular genre as many people are turning to video games to change their train of thought. So the sauce takes off immediately: Warzone has 6 million players on the first day, five times more in ten days and 50 million per month after launch. At the end of 2020 we learned that the 85 million mark had been exceeded. Call of Duty: Warzone – Trailer Launch You can use the same document to learn more about Call of Duty revenue in 2020, including the launch of Warzone but also Black Ops Cold War which also broke digital day 1, has achieved record sales in franchise history worldwide. Year-over-year, COD’s 2020 net sales increased 80% to $ 3 billion. Also note the number of players, 200 million over the past twelve months. Unknown to Call of Duty.

Communicating ships

And Warzone was instrumental in those results. Since it’s not just a very good battle royale, it’s mostly a top notch pass to encourage players to buy the other titles on the license or even a battle pass. All you have to do is turn the game on to see the names of Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War on the first screen. Until recently, the free trial for the latest episode took a nice place on the menus, not to mention the recent arrival of zombies in a corner of Verdansk, bridging the gap between Warzone and Black Ops. Recall statements from last June: The Call of Duty tree contains different branches, but they are all connected in some way. Warzone will be the “common thread” that ties all the various Call of Duty sub-franchises together – Taylor Kurosaki, Storytelling Director at Infinity Ward (at GamerGen) An integration that needs to be done carefully: in early 2021, Raven Software is seen being forced to four Rebalance Cold War weapons from the Black Ops in Warzone that are too powerful compared to the rest of the artillery in the title. Another big problem is the size of the games, which in their full version will soon no longer fit on a standard PS4 with 500 GB. At the end of last year, Activision introduced an update to uninstall certain parts of the game, such as: B. very high resolution textures à la carte. Not to mention other projects like scammers or a real next-gen version. So much remains to be done. One thing is certain for now: Warzone is already one of the greats. By Indee, journalist MP