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Micromania is currently offering a discount on a game that has made a comeback: Destroy All Humans! If you want to try the atmosphere of Mars Attacks again! This title is for you. In this game you play Cryptosporidium, a soldier of the Furon Empire whose sole purpose is to pull your brain out of your skull box. Then the rest is in the title: Nothing should be left behind, so equip yourself with your blaster because there is a lot of work! Buy Destroy All Humans! – Remake for € 19.99 instead of € 39.99 at Micromania

What You Need To Know About Destroy All Humans! – remake

Destroy all people! – Remake on PS4 is the reworked version of Destroy All Humans! released in 2005. This game is a humorous game. The goal is to exterminate people with insane guns and absorb your victims’ brains. Logan’s Opinion Note: 14/20 While we’re not really having a Destroy All Humans! Remake! Expecting the work done by Black Forest Games to command respect and calm makes it possible today to appreciate the disrespectful atmosphere of this title that gleefully parodies the science fiction of the 50s. After the shape was refined, the substance, which took effect back in 2005, has aged quite well. However, we logically find the same errors as at that time, from the somewhat outdated chapter construction to the sometimes annoying difficulties, including a pretext scenario to a sequence of missions that highlight more drastic dialogues between Crypto and Orthopox to give us a worthy one Story to tell. Despite everything, the fun is still there, and exploding buildings, the Majestic’s disintegration agents, or human brains exterminated still have little effect 15 years after the original. We invite you to consult the full review for more information on the title. Also read: By MrBonsPlans, partner jeuxvideo.com MP