Loop Hero: 500,000 copies have already been sold in one week

Loop Hero Game News: Already Sold 500,000 Copies In One Week The last rogue-lite released by Devolver, which was released on Steam last week, already has 500,000 players on Steam. This gives Four Quarters developers an opportunity to announce that patches will be deployed quickly to improve the game experience while new content is added in the future. Previously known for Please, Don’t Touch Anything, Four Quarters Studio is now enjoying great success with its latest production. Loop Hero, published by Devolver Digital, welcomed more than 500,000 players in its first week on Steam and in particular holds the record for the fastest-selling soundtrack in the publisher’s history. With an average playtime of 12 hours per player, the title has 8,328 reviews on Steam, 95% of which are extremely positive. To celebrate the event, the developers have announced that patches to fix some issues will follow. New content will also be added in the future: Thank you for the support and energy you have given Loop Hero on behalf of the entire Four Quarters Team! We’re currently working on patches to improve the overall experience based on your wise advice, including the ability to save during expeditions, speed options, and a trait deck obtained by killing bosses! Loop Hero will then be expanded with new content such as new maps, classes and transformations: we can’t wait to share everything we have in our drawers with you! As a reminder: Loop Hero is a rogue-lite based on a loop system. temporally. In addition to his character, the player has a card game that corresponds to buildings, enemies and obstacles. The player can therefore build his own path, which is littered with pitfalls. His goal will be to find the balance between increasing his chances of survival and recovering as much loot as possible by facing monsters. The resources obtained will then be used to improve your camp, while better items and equipment can be obtained every time you complete a lap along the expedition path. From TheXsable, writing from jeuxvideo.com MP