Jackpot cards are back at fnac!

You’re used to them and they’re back! Fnac gift cards save you money across the brand’s catalog! Take advantage of it, it’s a limited time offer. Yes, you heard that right, you save money with fnac gift cards! But how ? The brand offers you prepaid cards worth € 60 or € 150, but you pay € 50 or € 130, i.e. H. A win of € 10 and € 20. Enjoy € 10 or € 20 offered with Jackpot Fnac cards. This of course depends on your needs and your purchases. For a collector’s edition priced at € 120, it is best to take the € 60 jackpot cards, which can be combined in two copies at most. Your collector will therefore be reduced by € 20 or € 100. For products with a price of more than € 150, the jackpot card with the highest amount is offered in order to benefit from an attractive discount. With this card you get a discount of € 20. If you want to buy a Nintendo Switch at a price of € 299.99 + 3 months Nintendo Online subscription at a price of € 7.99 for a total of € 307.98 with the immediate € 40 discount on jackpot cards, that is Total price € 267.98. For those already lost, here are the steps to follow: To take advantage of the offer: Buy a jackpot card worth € 60 or € 150 with a discount of € 50 or € 130. Put the product you want in the shopping cart Jackpot card Take advantage of an immediate reduction of € 10 or € 20. Also read: By jameson30, journalist jeuxvideo.com MP