FIFA 21: FUT card trading by employees themselves?

FIFA 21 Column: FUT Card Trading by Employees Themselves? FIFA’s Ultimate Team mode is Electronic Arts’ goose that lays golden eggs and makes a significant portion of its sales every year. And rumor has it that EA employees are illegally selling cards at significant prices. Panthaa comes back to it in the first newspaper of the day. There are serious allegations against Electronic Arts today. FIFA’s Ultimate Team game mode is a huge success, but it is also often criticized for its economy. In this mode you can assemble your team by drawing lots of cards. A type of free-to-play in a paid game in which whoever spends the most money necessarily has an advantage over the other players. But since Wednesday evening, the players have been denouncing different trades with the hashtag EAGate.

EA opens an investigation

The players would have been recruited by people who promise rare cards for hundreds or even thousands of euros. Screenshots are floating around and people say they got their card immediately after paying on their account. So players are wondering where these cards are coming from, and the most popular theory would be that these are employees at EA who could generate these cards and sell them illegally. Electronic Arts takes its allegations very seriously and has officially responded that an investigation is ongoing. Also read: REVIEW ALL DAILY JVCOM REVIEWS By Wuzi_, MP Editor of