Assetto Corsa: the F1 cars of 2021 available!

News game Assetto Corsa: the F1 cars of 2021 available! While the new single-seaters have been on the racetrack in Bahrain since this morning as part of free training for the Formula 1 season 2021, the French publisher ACFL is offering a pack of 2021 single-seaters for Assetto Corsa.

ACFL is driving the F1 adventure forward for 2021

Based on the 2020 season due to a chassis freeze to cut costs associated with the health crisis, the 2021 F1 vehicles are very similar to their predecessors, but many small changes remain visible. ACFL was no exception to the rule and, like every year, offers a complete F1 package for the next season. Assetto Corsa is considered the ultimate car simulation simulator, and the latter has quickly found a place in the hearts of amateurs. The title was quickly taken by the community by storm, with more than 1600 mods already available, including the famous “Custom Shader Patch” or SOL, which transports the game into a new territory with countless new effects, graphics and other possibilities. further improved This F1 2021 package has been available in beta for some time, but today version 1.0 offers a significant qualitative contribution. After all teams revealed their colors for 2021, ACFL’s artists were able to reproduce each team’s textures in great detail. ACFL’s F1 2021 package currently only offers a single-seater version based on a mix of Alpine, Mercedes and Alpha Tauri 2021. From time to time the developers provide the models and sounds specific to each team at no additional cost, whereby all technical and visual features are taken into account that are only available for the PC version of Assetto Corsa via this address at a reduced price of € 3.99. By Cthulhus, administrator MPTwitter