Valheim, how do you make fireworks? Our leader

News tip Valheim, how do you make fireworks? Our guide to surtling hearts are used in different ways and can produce different unexpected effects. We present one to you in our complete guide. In Valheim, Surtling’s hearts are a very important resource that you can use to make teleportation portals, among other things. However, gamers have discovered another use for this resource, especially when looking to celebrate an achievement. Find out how to do it in our full guide to Valheim. In the dungeons of the Black Forest biome, surtling hearts are a resource that you can have in abundance. However, players have found that you can make fireworks with this resource, as shown in this video: To make fireworks, equip yourself with a surtling heart and drop it around the campfire. Then watch it fly away and explode. To date, it is still unclear whether this is intended by the developers or not. Also Read: Valheim Complete Guide Summary By MoahRikunel, Writing MP