Valheim: Eisentor attentive to player feedback on teleportation

Game news Valheim: Iron Gate attentive to player feedback on teleportation Valheim was launched a little over a month ago and continues to develop as more and more new players are added. With 5 million copies sold, developers can now count on feedback from a large number of players. While they obviously have their own vision of what to do with Valheim if it gets early access, the developers are also closely monitoring the various exchanges between players. This is what Richard Svensson, CEO of Iron Gate, suggests in an interview with PCGamesN. In response to the players’ inability to transport ore through teleportation portals, the latter said: This has changed several times during development. I’m not going to judge whether or not we will change it again, but we do listen to the community’s feedback and players are pretty divided on this matter. Some find this blockade frustrating at times, while others find it helps maintain a balance between fast travel and risk taking through exploration. VG24 / 7 especially conveys the point of view of ImABigDreamer, user of Reddit: The restrictions force players to build new bases, look for shortcuts, choose their route through the plains or the ocean wisely in all other situations can simply teleport. Set sail with the full load of iron, take your friends on board, talk about your feelings as you sail, and remember that the Vikings’ journey never ends.

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By MalloDelic, journalist MP