Valheim, Ambre: how do you find it?

News tip Valheim, Ambre: How do I find it? In Valheim you can collect various resources while you explore the world. We bring you one of these in our complete guide. In Valheim you can use all of your immediate surroundings in such a way that your potential is increased and your comfort is improved. Focus on one of the resources found in our complete guide to Valheim. Amber is one of the resources that can be found in abundance in the different settings of Valheim. Available in three different biomes, you still have to defeat the elder to find the key needed to explore the crypts. Amber can be found in the following places: However, amber has only one use: it can be sold to Haldor, the dealer, for 5 coins each. Also Read: Summary of Valheim’s Complete Guide By MoahRikunel, writing from MP

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