Loot boxes – Germany wants to put warnings on boxes of games, including loot boxes

Loot boxes news business – Germany wants to warn warnings on game boxes including loot boxes Juniper Research market research analysts today released an update on loot boxes. One particularly lucrative economic market that Juniper Research says could lose popularity in the coming years is to blame for the arrival of many organizations that, by luck and chance, will turn against this economic model. It seems Juniper Research was right, as it only took a few hours for a new rule to speed up the loot box program. So, after France, Belgium, the United States and England, it is up to Germany to tackle the economic model of loot boxes, a form of reward sold with real money for obtaining a variety of cosmetic items or not in a random manner . This economic model, which is often singled out, is therefore now the subject of a new legal reform in Germany, since the Bundestag, the parliamentary assembly of the Federal Republic of Germany, has passed a reform of the Youth Protection Act. In order to protect children from gambling, the latter could increase the age classification or give warnings on boxes of video games with loot boxes. One of the games that could be affected by this new reform is obviously FIFA 21, where players can buy random packs of cards with more or fewer players through the Ultimate Team mode with real money. Less seldom. With this new rule, the FIFA games, currently PEGI 3, could therefore be PEGI 18 and be accompanied by a message of prevention on German territory. It should be noted, however, that the new reform has not yet been approved by the Bundesrat, but if the Bundesrat agrees, the law could come into force in spring 2021. You’ll also like: By JeromeJoffard, Editorial MPTwitter

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