Column 5 Trivia: Fallout, Elder Scrolls: New This Week?

Fallout Chronicle, Elder Scrolls: Anything New This Week? What can we expect from Bethesda in its new Xbox family after Microsoft’s US and European Union acquisition of ZeniMax is validated? This is one of the largest operations in video game history and we have little information about the future right now. However, this could change in the coming days. Panthaa offers a video update on the 5 important pieces of information about this buyout.

Redemption reminder

Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax, parent company of Bethesda, for $ 7.5 billion is the second largest acquisition in the gaming space, after Tencent’s acquisition of Supercell in 2016 for $ 8.6 billion. While Xbox has struggled behind Sony and Nintendo for a number of years, the American giant has just expanded its studio catalog to include successful franchises like The Elder Srolls, whose Skyrim is now one of the top 20 best-selling titles of all time.

How does redemption change the game?

This acquisition is in line with Microsoft’s strategy. After several studios have been acquired in recent years, this acquisition appears thorny and decisive at the same time. Bethesda is a cross-platform gem. Microsoft also uses the cloud gaming technology that ZeniMax is working on: the Orion project. Microsoft is also regaining expertise in VR with the many ports posted by Bethesda. There are also PlayStation players who are concerned about the future of large licenses on their console. And they have something to fear.

The dilemma that ignites the web

What should Microsoft do with Bethesda games? This is the question everyone is asking, and Panthaa explains to us that there are two solutions. The first would be to make them Xbox exclusives, and that’s exactly what console gamers expect. This would undoubtedly pique the interest of the console and Game Pass, but Microsoft would risk tarnishing its image as a “good guy” so hard to win. The second option would be to offer these games on PlayStation for 70 instead of 80 euros and on Game Pass for free access for Xbox players. If the games are of high quality, the image of Xbox will be boosted and PlayStation gamers can opt for a Game Pass subscription, which will be available shortly on connected TV, attracting a new customer for Microsoft.

Lips are sealed

Microsoft and Bethesda have been unable to talk about this dilemma as to whether or not it is ruled out prior to the validation of the various agencies responsible for compliance with competition and compliance with mergers and acquisitions. It has been happening since March 9, 2021. After months of speculation, evasive interventions from Microsoft announced they would need no other platforms to make the acquisition profitable, and Bethesda, who can’t imagine the next Xbox-exclusive Elder Scrolls, can we expect in the future?

The future is now

Microsoft announced the good news in a press release. The Bethesda games should therefore arrive very quickly in the Game Pass in the next few days, but we learn in particular that the giant will be giving information “very soon”. And that could be very soon this Thursday, March 11th, as Jeff Grubb, a journalist at VentureBeat, confirms these sources revealed to him that Microsoft and Bethesda would be sending a video to announce the arrival of the games in Game Pass clarify. The subject of the excluded should be discussed at conferences this summer. Whatever happens, we should know more on March 11th. By Wuzi_, writing from MP