Astro’s Playroom: Soundtrack comes live this week

Cultural News Astro’s Playroom: The soundtrack goes live this week. Astro’s Playroom was offered to all players who bought a PS5. It was a very good surprise to discover the capabilities of DualSense and browse the history of the PlayStation brand. This Friday, Sony will upload the game’s soundtrack to Apple Music. It was composed by Kenneth CM Young, who worked in particular on the music of Tearaway and Astro Bot Rescue Mission. The latter in particular took advantage of this announcement to publish an entire article discussing the making of one of Astros Playroom’s pieces of music, the GPU song. While the various phases that led to the final piece are detailed, some unsuccessful excerpts are presented. It is reminiscent of the many exchanges with the developers that make it possible to refine the style and tone of the music. As I wrote them, I was thinking of the programmers and graphic designers I know or have worked with, and I wanted them to think of the lyrics as something authentic. (…) In any case, I remember that I had fun giving the song several levels of reading in order to tone down the overly technical aspects and to make listening to the song more pleasant. It took several tries to find the right tone. It was complicated to add elements to the hard core that we had already defined without taking anything away, and the composer also took the opportunity to thank Team Asobi and the players who appreciated their work. I am extremely grateful that I can rely on it. Brilliant and self-confident employees in the Asobi team, who were able to encourage me, give me time to explore my ideas and integrate their skills into the project in a holistic way. Not all of the songs I create have such a long gestation period, but since it was the first track I made in that game, this track set the direction for the entire project. I also wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to a creative process that people often overlook. (…). To stage music you have to go a long way. Thank you for reading my testimonials! I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my world. By MalloDelic, journalist MP