Selection of the best offers for Wednesday March 10th

They are beautiful, they are fresh! These are the tips of the day! A selection we have put together to bring together the best gaming, hardware and high-tech promotions of this Wednesday March 10th. The news of great deals never stops! Like every day, we search the net to find good deals for you! Today headphones and audio systems are in the spotlight! Sony headsets, ASUS ROG gaming accessories, but also soundbars of very good quality. For fanboys and fangirls, a volley of Mario treats is offered to celebrate the famous mustache plumber’s birthday. Here is a selection of great deals not to be missed today:

The best gaming deals

Promo Discount: Kingdom Hearts III on PS4

Kingdom Hearts III is a J-RPG that allows you to experience the adventures of Sora, the owner of the keyblade, in the company of Donald and Goofy. This small group will travel across the different worlds of Disney and Square Enix in search of elements that can fuel their quest. Amazement, surprises and actions stand at the rendezvous of this title, with which you can both travel aboard the Pirate of the Caribbean Black Pearl and visit Olympus. Buy Kingdom Hearts III on PS4 for € 9.99 instead of € 23.22

Promo Cdiscount: The Last of Us Part II

It was announced very early in development and caused quite a stir. The difficult development of this game still paid off! The newest baby from the renowned Playstation team studio received an almost perfect rating on If you haven’t tried this masterpiece yet, it’s available at Cdiscount at a great price. Buy The Last Of Us Part II for € 26.99 instead of € 47.99

The best hardware deals

Amazon Promo: Nintendo Switch Controller PowerA Gamecube

For many nostalgics, the Gamecube controller is still a true gem of ergonomics, which demonstrates the undeniable competence of the manufacturer in the range of high-quality controllers. With the introduction of the Wii, however, Nintendo moved away from the standards by providing new features such as motion detection or the dual screen. PowerA offers us a real homecoming here with this Gamecube controller that is identical to the original! It’s sold € 10 less on Amazon! Buy the Nintendo Switch Controller PowerA Gamecube for € 24.99 on Amazon

Amazon Promo: Logitech G532 Headset

These 7.1 wireless surround sound headphones are compatible with PC, Mac, XONE, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It is equipped with a 6mm microphone with a muting function called the folding function. The headphone bow is by far the most important thing for sound quality. The G432 features a durable stainless steel headband and synthetic leather ear pads for comfort and insulation. PS4 and XONE accessories are compatible with next-gen consoles. Buy the Logitech G432 for € 55.93 instead of € 79.99

Amazon Promo: Asus ROG Delta

ROG Delta is a binaural headset, which means the most realistic three-dimensional sound reproduction possible. It is a wired headset with a length of 1.5 m, its strength lies in the sound quality and ergonomics of the headphones, which perfectly fit the ear to limit sound loss. Buy the ASUS ROG Delta Gaming Headset for € 171.35 instead of € 199.99

Amazon Promo: SanDisk Extreme 128 GB

Nintendo Switch, smartphone or camera users may appreciate this offer. Nowadays, games, audio and video files consume more and more storage space. For this reason, there are two important points to consider when purchasing a memory card: the storage capacity and the transfer speed. These two elements determine your user experience. This is what these 128 GB to 256 GB Sandisk Micro SD Extreme offer, a large memory and a transfer speed of 160 MB / s.Buy the Sandisk Extreme memory card for € 17.38 instead of € 38.99

The best high-tech offers

Baker Promo: Klipsch Home Cinema Speaker Package

If you are a fan of streaming content and you use your gaming setup to enjoy various content, a high quality sound installation is essential! Nowadays, home theater equipment specially designed for clear sound and deep bass is easy to find on the internet. The question of price remains an important element. Boulanger offers this Klipsch speaker package at -42%. A unique opportunity to invest in high-end equipment at the best price. Buy the KLIPSCH HOME CINEMA SPEAKER PACK for € 399 instead of € 699

Amazon Promo: Jabra Elite 65T Headphones

Tired of wearing the headset on Discord for your long PvP sessions on WOW? Perhaps it is time to invest in bluetooth headphones that will keep your ears cool from time to time. Ah, and by the way, you can listen to music or do sports with these headphones. Buy the Jbra Elite 65T headphones for € 79.99 instead of € 129.99


The Sony HTS20R benefits from a € 100 discount on the Boulanger website. The Doly Surround 5.1 sound with an output of 400 W does the job well, accompanied by two rear satellite speakers and a wired subwoofer. Buy the Sony HTS20R soundbar for € 199 instead of € 299

The best offers in pop culture

Lord of the Rings Blu-ray

The Lord of the Rings is an adaptation of the novels by JRR Tolkien. The story follows the adventures of a young hobbit named Frodo Baggins, who must travel to the most remote and inhospitable region of the country to destroy a ring of immeasurable powers much desired by Sauron, the Dark Lord. This set contains Blu-ray versions of the three trilogy films “Lord of the Rings”: “The Fellowship of the Ring”, “The Two Towers” and “The Return of the King”. Add the field “Lord of the Rings” to your selection of 4 films to benefit from -50% at Fnac

-40% on Super Mario accessories

Do you find that your interior lacks punch, are you looking for that special and dazzling touch that exists in the Mario universe? Zavvi may have the solution with its range of accessories in the colors of the most famous mustache in video games. In this selection you will find placemats, coasters, floor mats, pillows, posters and much more. In addition, with the code SUPER40 you can benefit from a 40% discount on these products. With the code SUPER40 at Zavvi you get -40% discount on Super Mario accessories

Promotion of official Nintendo products

The first Super Mario game was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1985 and depicts Mario’s adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. The latter has to free Princess Peach from the grip of the evil Bowser. Ever since Super Mario entered the legendary class game category and known deep into the depths of the Yukon, it has been emulated and new opuses are still being released today, in particular Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Rage. With this global success, Mario appears in all media. It is particularly found on clothing. And Zavvi is currently offering a -40% discount on the official clothing range in Super Mario colors with the code MARIO40. For us it’s a “let’s go!” Get 40% off the official Super Mario collection at Zavvi with the code MARIO40 at Zavvi. Also read: