Marvel’s Avengers: Main Campaign will be playable again soon

Game News Marvel’s Avengers: Main Campaign Will Be Playable Again Soon On March 18th, Marvel’s Avengers will be officially playable in their next-gen version for PS5 and Xbox Series. On this day, players can get their hands on Hawkeye and his new story arc called Future Imperfect, discover a new environment or even deal with Maestro, an alternate and evil version of the Hulk. In addition, they will be able to discover the new progression system claimed and denied by the community. Another coveted feature was the ability to repeat the main campaign in which we take on Kamala Khan who is determined to reform the Avengers. The announcement was made during a stream today by Andy Wong, Community Manager, and we’ve seen it over and over again on Twitter and other social media you know: can we repeat the campaign? Can we repeat the campaign? You can do it on the 18th. You will keep everything you have, you will keep your experience, equipment and everything, but you can repeat the campaign from start to finish and that’s something we’re really passionate about.

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