Gensou Skydrift: The trophy list is available

News tip Gensou Skydrift: the list of trophies is available As it arrives on Playstation 4, Gensou Skydrift, replacement for Mario Kart, is releasing the list of trophies in our full guide. Gensou Skydrift is a racing game inspired by the Touhou Project universe and already released on Nintendo Switch and PC, coming to PlayStation 4 this month. The list of achievements can be found in our full guide.

Bronze Trophies (24)

Drifting for the first time

Play your first race.

On the way to the unusual

Complete half of the campaign.

I do not give up!

Continue the campaign.

Drifting with friends

Play a free race.

Discover: Mari circuit

Play the MARI circuit in versus mode

Discover: Forest of Magic

Play the Forest of Magic in Versus Mode.

Discover: Human Village

Play Humans Village in Versus Mode

Discover: Scarlet Devil Mansion

Play Crimson Demonic Mansion in Versus mode

Discover: Lost Bamboo Thicket

Play Lost Bamboo in Versus mode.

Discover: Youkai Mountain

Play Yokai Mountain in Versus mode.

Discover: Seirensen

Play Seirensen in Versus Mode.

Discover: Hakugyokuro

Play Hakugyokuro in Versus mode

Discover: Embers of the blazing hell

Play Burning Hell Flames in Versus mode

Discover: Misty Lake

Play Misty Lake in Versus mode

Discover: Old Capital

Play the old capital in Versus mode

Discover: Mari circuit 2

Play the MARI 2 circuit in versus mode

Discover: The outside world

Play the outer world in versus mode

Discover: Voile Library

Play the veiled library in versus mode

Discover: the sea of ​​tranquility

Play the Sea of ​​Tranquility in Versus Mode

Discover: Moonlit Thicket

Play the Thicket of the Moon in Versus mode

Discover: Underworld City Depths

Play the depths of the underground city in versus mode

Discover: redevelopment area A.

Play redevelopment zone A in versus mode

Discover: redevelopment area B.

Play redevelopment zone B in versus mode

Discover: Heaven

Play the sky in versus mode.

Silver Trophies (7)

The case solved!

End the campaign.

Floating with someone

Play a ranked game.

Fight with yourself.

Play in time trial mode.

Victory over you.

Defeat a ghost.

See how far Eye has come!

Watch a rerun.


Have the final say.

Eye am the best!

Defeat the computer in versus mode.

Gold Trophies (5)


Complete another campaign.

Frog knows the great sea

Play 10 ranked games.

Eye am up!

Take first place in the leaderboard.

Different strokes for different people

Play with all characters.

Giant kill

Defeat a level 5 computer in versus mode.

Platinum trophy

You are a Sky Drifter

Get all the trophies. Gensou Skydrift Complete Guide By MoahRikunel, writing by MP