Call of Duty: Warzone – The developers look back on the first year of their existence

Call of Duty: Warzone Game News – The developers look back on the first year of their existence On March 10, 2020, Activision and Raven Software launched Call of Duty: Warzone, a free battle royale that is available independently of the main game. The title is therefore celebrating its first anniversary, an opportunity for developers to look back on the past year. In a blog post by James Mattone, lead author of Call of Duty: Warzone, the developers first thank the players for their support and offer them to submit their own review: Call of Duty launched its first free version a year ago. to-play, free-to-play, cross-platform massive combat experience known as Warzone. As tensions continue to rise in Verdansk, we would like to thank you for the moments you made possible over the past year. During that time, you were instrumental in some of the most exciting moments in Call of Duty history that we come back to, and players who wish can see their stats for all of the past year. To do this, simply go to the game’s official Twitter account and click on “tweet #WarzoneReport”. If all goes well, they will receive a short video showing the total number of kills, the ratio, the number of deaths, the hours played, the wins or even the games started. The rest of the article then harks back to the significant events, including the return of Captain Price as operator, the 200-player temporary mode, the opening of the stadium doors with the introduction of the Shadow Company, or the teasing of Call of Duty: Black Ops Kalter again War. Finally, James Mattone teases the following, suggesting that after a year of “smooth sailing”, Warzone may need to prepare for a threat never seen before in Verdansk, and that any operators who want to survive may face one Need to prepare threat never seen before in Verdansk Verdansk. Postpone the celebration to another time and continue the fight before it’s too late. “Thank you again the community for joining Warzone last year. As the story of Season Two continues throughout the anniversary, we look forward to sharing what you can expect in the year ahead … but it will better for you to experience it for yourself. James Mattone’s teasing echoes a lot of rumors especially passed down by GameSpot, suggesting that a nuclear event could destroy the map and allow developers to renew it and use it like Black Ops Nothing is confirmed yet, but we should find out sooner.

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