Are PS4 Games Coming To PC?

Timeline Are PS4 Games Coming to PC? While the PS4 has a number of exclusive games on it, PC gamers thought they could never touch these titles on their computer. But some games are starting to come and Jim Ryan, President of Sony Entertainment, is hopeful. Salomé comes back to this in the last newspaper of the day. The PS4 was treated to a lot of exclusive AAA games and we didn’t think we would see these titles anywhere else. However, for some time now we have noticed that a few years after their release landed on the PC. We can take the examples of Horizon Zero Down, which were released on Steam last summer, or even Days Gone, which should land in a few months. Jim Ryan, president of Sony, announced that some major AAA games are set to do the same.

Still leaking?

Even though the president of Sony took care of teasers without revealing more, Crazy Leaks claims to know a lot more. Already known for quality leaks, Insider announced that Uncharted Collection, God of War, Ghost of Tsushima and Bloodborne should all be eligible for a PC release. If these leaks are true, it would be a strong message from Sony as Kratos and Nathan Drake are emblematic figures of PlayStation