Apex Legends, Season 8: Our Guide to the Chaos Theory Event – News

News Tip Apex Legends Season 8: Our Guide to the Chaos Theory Event As is so often the case, an event appears in Apex Legends. But this time we can go gold and already tell you that you will have the right to a program for the less loaded. We’ll help you see more clearly in this article listing all the novelties!

A new play area!

We are normally entitled to changes to the map at the beginning of each season, but this time we are entitled to a new area that is directly linked to Caustic! A way to get the lore moving ahead of the season’s end?

A new object

You have already been through this annoying situation with an ally who fell through the rifts you can no longer get. Well, a new item, the heat shield, now allows you to do so. We explain everything in our dedicated article.

A new game mode

As in any case, a game mode has just come out and this is where you can get your hands on the heat shield right now that we told you about just before, as it will be available in abundance there. The principle of the temporary game mode is very simple this time. You are allowed to enter small areas of gas within the safety zone itself, and these areas grow larger as the game progresses. You must therefore be playing on a card with many gas pockets to really test the heat shield.

Cosmetic rewards

What would an event be without its Apex Legends cosmetic rewards? The Daily Challenges allow you to earn up to 1000 points to advance in a small passage specially designed for the occasion. We’ll let you discover the different rewards below.

A new legacy set

Aside from the birthday event, a heritage set is part of every event, and this obviously wasn’t an exception to the rule. It was Bangalore who this time had the right to this very rare set, which is also available when you have all of the comics for this event. Also Read: Apex Legends Complete Guide By NaCl-Xeryus, written by jeuxvideo.com MP