Apex Legends Season 8 Event Chaos Theory: The Heat Shield, our new Item Guide – News

News tip Apex Legends, Season 8, Event Chaos Theory: The Heat Shield, our guide to the new article For this event, Apex Legends has put the small dishes in the big dishes and offers us many new functions. Among these we find a new item that will be available in a temporary mode before it becomes available in all games, the heat shield.

A valuable asset in your games

The concept of the Waters Legends temporary mode is simple: there are mini gas zones in the safe zone. To protect a protective shield, the heat shield was attached. Not only does it protect against damage in the area, but it also heals you 50% faster and increases your teammates 25% faster! An extremely strong passive, although it is imperative that the area has touched your heat shield for it to be active. The duration depends on the damage the area will cause. The heat shield therefore loses its power significantly at the end of the game. However, it can still help to temporarily replace you, even if its size isn’t exactly discreet and enemies know your approximate location! Currently this item is only available in temporary mode. However, at the end of the event it will be available in your normal games! Also Read: Apex Legends Complete Guide By NaCl-Xeryus, written by jeuxvideo.com MP