Apex Legends: Panic Button Talks Switch Version – News

Apex Legends Game News: Panic Button Talks Switch Version Starting Tuesday March 9th, Apex Legends will be available on Nintendo Switch. A port that has been entrusted to Panic Button and is known to succeed in good quality switch versions. In an interview with Nintendo Life, the studio talked about the development of this Switch version of Apex Legends by Dan Hernberg, production manager, and Andy Boggs, technical director. Specifically, they state that the port has been in the works for about 15 months and that conversations with Respawn began midway through Season 4. They add: I think the big challenge for us is still to understand which parts of the game we can adapt, identify changes and elements to optimize them (…). I think in the end the changes we had to make won’t affect the game experience. It’s always a great experience and it feels like playing Apex! (…) We used the same engine as the other versions of the game, so we’ve done a lot of work to add switch support to that engine. (…) So this is the first game that is run on Switch with this engine. Dan Hernberg also states that the studio used their experience to develop the gyro controls that other versions of the game don’t have: yes, I think one big thing the Switch has that other consoles don’t have is the gyro aiming. We have used it on previous titles and learned every time. We have optimized our formula for each game and adapted it differently. Sometimes it’s better to have a slower moving top, sometimes you want a faster response. We have therefore worked closely with Respawn (…) As a reminder: Apex Legends on Switch does not currently have the cross-progression function, but cross-play is well activated on its side. In addition, players who start Apex Legends on Switch can immediately unlock the first 30 levels of the current Battle Pass for free and receive a bonus that doubles the XP until March 23rd. By MalloDelic, journalist jeuxvideo.com MP