Xbox Series X: Stocks available on Microsoft Store, according to Xboxygen News

Xbox Series X Hardware News: Stocks Available in Microsoft Store According to Xboxygen Updated by MalloDelic on March 9, 2021 at 8:11:12 PM It’s over! All Xbox Series X inventory available in the Microsoft Store has been sold. Just like the PS5, the Xbox Series X is very difficult to find, and the scarce inventory will go away in minutes. However, players can hope to get one tonight. According to our colleagues at Xboxygen, who were then confirmed by a tweet from Xbox FR, consoles can be purchased from the Microsoft Store around 7:00 p.m. It is not known how many machines will be available. So don’t hesitate if you want to get one. The console is expected to be sold at the standard price of € 499.99. As a reminder, Microsoft has not published the exact number of consoles sold in several years and has preferred to focus on the number of Game Pass subscribers. Also note that Microsoft, like Sony, manufacturers of smartphones or cars, has been suffering from the shortage of microprocessors for many months. By MalloDelic, journalist MP