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News culture Sonic: Sega and Tomy unveil new soft toys On June 23, Sonic celebrates his 30th birthday. We imagine Sega won’t miss the opportunity to celebrate the blue hedgehog, but in the meantime the publisher is working with Tomy to offer new plush toys. The publisher and Tomy are only introducing one at the moment, but a whole range of Club Mocchi-Mocchi plush toys are planned. If you are not familiar with this collection, they are extremely soft plush toys that are already available in the colors Mario, Splatoon, Kirby or even Mario Kart. Morgan Weyl, Tomy’s Global Brand Director, said on the occasion of the announcement, Sonic is one of the most iconic characters in video game history. It has established itself as a real lifestyle brand, which we are happy to implement in plush toys for fans and collectors all over the world with our Club Mocchi-Mocchi brand. The iconic style and touch of the Club Mocchi-Mocchi range make Sonic’s spade some of the cutest, most enjoyable thorns in the world! Michael Cisneros, Licensing Manager at Sega of America, adds: Tomy has a solid reputation for the quality of its plush toys in the industry and among Sonic’s most avid collectors. We are excited to renew this partnership to create a truly one-of-a-kind Sonic the Hedgehog line. Fans have followed Sonic on a variety of media, and these extremely soft Club Mocchi Mocchi plush toys are sure to get maximum hugs for years to come. By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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