Replay JV le journal du 08/03/2021: Stadia on Xbox Series, SpeeDons is a hit …

Replay JV the newspaper from August 3rd, 2021: Stadia on Xbox Series, SpeeDons hits … JV the newspaper from Monday, March 8th with Salomé and Suri is available in Replay! On the menu for this issue: Suri presented us with the news of the day using a new search engine introduced by Microsoft that can run Stadia on their Xbox series. This is the full box from the Speedons initiative organized by MisterMV this past weekend. and the information from the Bloomberg newspaper about a likely Nintendo Switch 2 by the end of 2021! Nanix told us about the best – and most importantly, the worst – video game adaptations of the cult Terminator saga. TiTavion closed the festivities with a chronicle of the Playstation 2 anniversary, which this year celebrates its 21st birthday! It offers us a return to the planet box that was Sony’s second console.

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