PS Competition Center: How do you get a “Double Heel” in FIFA 21? – News

PS Competition Center Game News: How to Get a Double Heel in FIFA 21? Since the Playstation Competition Center was set up, it has been very easy to take part in online tournaments. Before entering the FIFA 21 FUT Open Series on PS4, you will learn a technical step. In this article, we introduce and explain how to do the double heel in FIFA 21. For this gesture, your player must have at least 4 stars in technical movements to be able to perform it effectively. It consists in making a heel for yourself and then pushing the ball forward. This can surprise your opponent and allow you to defeat them. In fact, he will have great difficulty defending this gesture if it is performed. Note that you will benefit from a slight increase in speed even when exiting a technical gesture. This gesture has a variant that only requires 3 stars in technical gestures. However, at the execution level, it is much less efficient and slower. So we don’t recommend that you do it because of the slow pace of the animation. When you want to do this, simply move your right stick forward and then backward with your right stick to trigger the gesture. This movement of the joystick, like any technical gesture, must of course be performed in the direction of your player’s course. With this article, you’ve just learned how to “double paragraph” on FIFA 21 and FUT 21. This new knowledge should make it easier for you to eliminate your opponents in online confrontations. When you’re ready to compete against the best European players in the FIFA 21 FUT Open series, just click the link below to enter the competition! I am registering for the FIFA 21 FUT Open series at the PlayStation Competition Center