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Game News Phasmophobia Gets Big Update In the early years since September 18, Phasmophobia has quickly found an audience. The title may not be as popular as it was at the beginning, but it still has a daily average of 10,000 players. Which motivates the game’s sole developer to keep testing in the beta industry and rolling out a major update today. In addition to the correction of many bugs, the modifications are most important, especially at the level of gameplay and the AI ​​of the entities of Phasmophobia. The full patch is available on the game’s official Steam page, but here’s the takeaway, starting with the AI: the ghost now follows players when they’ve lost sight of them instead of looking for a random location. The ghost now listens to player voices while hunting and finding their locations. This will not work if the player is not a banshee’s target. The ghost can now open lockers and cupboards outside of a hunt. The ghost now opens doors, closets, and lockers while hunting. This can be stopped by holding the door, but the mind can still go through the room doors as usual. The chances of ghosts wandering through all difficulties have been slightly increased. The ghost now searches where it last saw a player instead of looking for a Random Location. The ghost will now target any player who approaches while already chasing another player. On the gameplay side, there are also many changes that have been made by Kinetic Games. For example, on professional difficulty missions, we no longer know whether the ghost is responding to groups or not, and the lights are always off at the start of the game. The “Take a picture of dirty water” goal will be permanently erased while the occurrence of a ghost in the paranormal event goal is counted. Clearing the temperature target The activity monitor now shows an estimated value instead of the actual value. Glow sticks now have the same brightness when held as when thrown. Improved movement of ghost balls so they stay in space longer and are easier to see. EMF detectors now show random values ​​while hunting and dead players no longer count for average sanity. Instead, living players now lose 15 ghosts every time a player dies. Banshees now hunt like other ghosts, targeting any player while that player is outside. The way the bone appears is always accessible. The developer has also reworked all the mechanics related to temperatures, which significantly change the way certain parts are approached, are the main changes that have been made at this level: the thermometer is now updated every two seconds slightly different temperatures at the beginning of the survey. When the power supply is cut, the temperature in each room will slowly drop to 5 ° C. When the power supply is on, the temperature will slowly rise in each room unless the spirit is there. The temperatures in each room no longer change at the same rate. Decreasing the rate at which the temperature in the rooms increases once the power supply is switched on, which causes the Phantom to decrease the temperature of the room in which it is located.

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