Outriders: People Can Fly Fixed Legendary Item Drop Rate – News

Game News Outriders: People Can Fly corrects legendary item drop rate Outriders has been available in demo since late February and will be officially released on April 1st. However, the developers were forced to fix the demo as players found a way to get lots of legendary items. The Outriders demo has been downloaded more than two million times, which is rather encouraging for its release. She will be getting a patch soon. The latter restricts players’ ability to obtain legendary items through certain farming strategies, and enables or disables motion blur at will. In particular, People Can Fly has removed epic items from the shop, while chests no longer contain legendary items. These remain accessible by completing quests and eliminating enemies, but are much less mechanically easy to loot. These adjustments should then be incorporated into the final version of the game to provide a more balanced gaming experience. Pre-order Outrider at FNACVia: Gamekult By MalloDelic, journalist jeuxvideo.com MP