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Game News Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Gameplay, Content, Redesign … We’re Taking Stock While there has been more talk about Bioware for the sudden end of the Anthem redesign, it’s easy to forget that the anticipated titles are in development , including the next installment in the Dragon Age saga. But the hearts of fans of the studio are also hoping for much of the new Mass Effect opus, and if no doubt they have to be patient before concrete information is available, Commander Shepard lovers can re-immerse themselves in his original adventures with Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It is therefore possible to take stock of all the information we have about it.

Almost all content in one version

The Mass Effect trilogy’s adventure between its first episode and its last DLC lasted 6 years. Between 2007 and 2013, the saga, which grew in popularity and cult status over the years, expanded to include many DLC, some free and anecdotal, others, far more important, to the point that episodes were for the second and In the third some additional content critical to a better understanding of the problems and history of the franchise. For a period of time, the game’s DLC had been quite arduous to acquire, especially on PC, and sometimes even unaffordable years after its release, depriving some of the public of the many charms of the various expansions. Aside from the graphical makeover, which we’ll come back to, the main interest of this legendary edition is to finally have a unique version of the trilogy. When you start the adventure you will have the pleasure of being able to start The Broker of Shadow, Arise of Ashes, Citadel or Leviathan without having to start a previous save again. Integrating the elements of the story (the prostheses, the development of Liara or even an unforgettable party with the crew members) into the whole adventure will add much more depth to it, extend its life and also allow those who missed it to enjoy it in a coherent and fluid way. A very good way to discover or rediscover the franchise with no less than 40 DLC in total, even if Pinnacle Station is missing because the source code of the DLC has been lost. Not a drama, the content was frankly anecdotal which is why the developers did not think it appropriate to invest resources in its cleanup to include it in the credits.

And the Mass Effect 3 multi in all of that?

This is a tricky question for both developers and fans of Mass Effect. Is it now relevant or even feasible to restart Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer, which was basically a horde mode but the popularity of which has been constant throughout the life of the mode in question? Unfortunately, don’t expect to build a roster and fend off the Cerberus onslaught online. Multiplayer will not be included in the Legendary Edition. Bioware is explained in the columns of Game Informer and justifies the decision to exclude this possibility for reasons of time and feasibility. In summary, integrating a multiplayer mode also means redesigning, adapting the economic model and providing post-launch support that is not specifically provided for in the specifications. The implementation of multiplayer should therefore have come at the expense of other elements of the remaster that Bioware did not favor.

More than just a remaster?

Improved technology

Here, rightly, are the main questions about this legendary edition. If we know that Mass Effect is an excellent episode in the first place, today it suffers from the weight of its age, while even at that time Mass Effect 2 was intended as a drastic advancement of the mechanics of the first part and a major correction of the flaws of the the latter is still pretty playable today. Based on this observation, the revision of the first episodes inevitably required more work if a “simple” update of the textures of episodes 2 and 3 could make sense, which Bioware said it had done. It seems, therefore, that this legendary edition navigates a bit between the two concepts of remaster and remake, the line between which is often thin. First of all, you can play the games in 4K / HDR. The title will of course be compatible with the latest monitors and screens (ultra-wide is accepted), but what’s the end of stretching an image if you don’t want to benefit from finer, more modern rendering? Indeed, to answer that question, Bioware did a bigger retouching on the first episode than the following ones while improving the definition of all elements of the game. As the few presentations in this compilation show, the textures of the first opus have been extensively revised, with the rendering being more modern and more detailed, regardless of whether it is the characters or the surroundings. In addition, loading times have been significantly reduced, and those who still feared the famous back and forth in the Citadel’s elevator will be delighted to learn that the load hidden here has been drastically reduced to at least ten seconds, where the wait was in minute the original version required. And finally, you should know that the customization of your Shepard will be more detailed as it is being created, as new customization options will be introduced in the Legendary Edition and it will be possible to play with the default profile defined at that time. In terms of compatibility with your old saves, you should know that it is possible in the first place to import your original Shepard into the Legendary Edition, even if some imports work “better than others” due to the new character creator. The user interface is also being modernized, which certainly won’t be a bad thing considering the severity of the original. And as a reminder, yes, some images that have greatly enlarged Miranda Lawson’s anatomy are no longer offered in this issue.

Slightly retouched mechanics and gameplay

As we just mentioned, Mass Effect 1 has received a bit more attention than its two successors, and this will be explicitly reflected in the handle of the game. In addition to the general plastic of the three episodes and according to Marc Walters in The Head of this legendary edition, if the weapon overheating system is well preserved, the positioning of the camera, grip, aim, cover system or control of your squad and the boss fights have taken advantage of adaptations. And if you were wondering, yes, the Mako will be way more agile than the fun, but oh-so-improbable physics of the base vehicle. Finally, note that if you in any case do not expect new content in this legendary edition, the system of selection of dialogues, which depends on your pragmatism or reconciliation, even for the most radical situations that were required at the time , was adjusted slightly, chose only one branch and not another, for example to defuse a conflict.

Release date, platforms and requirements

Starting May 14th, we will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Mass Effect saga, or to immerse yourself again. On PC, the title will be available through Origin and Steam and will also be released on the PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox series. A price of € 59.99 is charged. Recommended minimum operating system Windows 10 64-bit Windows 10 64-bit processor (AMD) Intel Core i5 3570 or AMD FX-8350 Intel Core i7-7700 or AMD Ryzen 7 3700X Memory8go16GB graphics card NVIDIA GTX 760, / AMD Radeon 7970 / R9280X GPU / 2 GB from VramNVIDIA GTX 1070 / RTX 200, Radeon Vega 56, GPU RAM / 4 GB from VramDirectX1111 Disk Space120 GB120 GB