10 Retro-Style Indie Games We Recommended – News

While it’s always appealing to see new games make the most of the new graphics engines, it’s just as nice to see independent developers take inspiration from retro titles to spark the nostalgia that we have in us lies. That’s why today we’re offering a selection of 10 retro-styled indie games.


Kamiko was developed by Skipmore and published by Fly High Work. It’s presented as an old-fashioned Zelda-style RPG on NES. It contains graphics, retro puzzles and exploration, simple gameplay that looks like Hack’n Slash, dungeons to overcome. A world to save … The title is undoubtedly reminiscent of the NES adventure games. In contrast to a Zelda game in which the protagonist is imposed, here you have the choice between three priestesses, each with a different gameplay. The title is available for a small price on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC! Related Articles: Buy Kamiko from the Nintendo e-Shop for € 4.99

Blossom Stories: The Sleeping King

Developed by Castle Pixel, Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King is an action RPG set in a fantasy world in which you take control of Lily, who aims to defeat Crocus, who has thrown the kingdom into chaos. Then you have to roam a string of dungeons and face various bosses in order to achieve your goal. Your life is indicated by a series of hearts, accompanied by a magical display. The young girl can attack with a sword and defend herself with a shield, but she also has secondary objects such as a magic wand, bombs, or even a bow. The game is available on Nintendo Switch and PC. Related Articles: Buy Blossom Tales: The Sleeping King on Steam for $ 14.99


The title is a Metroidvania developed by The Game Kitchen and published by Team 17. The latter offers a macabre and eye-catching atmosphere and presents a lush implementation in pixel art. You play as a penitent who can equip herself with relics that offer her various bonuses, such as: For example: protection from flames or toxins, revealing the life bar of enemies, increasing vitality, etc. You will unlock a few magical powers, but your equipment will remain the same except for your weapon. Loot isn’t in abundance here, but just enough regular bonuses to encourage exploration and risk-taking. Difficult to complete without impossible to complete, the app has an accurate and sophisticated combat system that turns out to be worthwhile over the hours. Related Articles: Buy Blasphemous from the Microsoft Store for $ 24.99

Cyber ​​shadows

Cyber ​​Shadow by Mechanical Head Studios is an 8-bit game that pays homage to the Ninja Gaiden series. You play as a shadow and fight against synthetic life forms that have invaded the world, all in a cyberpunk atmosphere that is accentuated by a futuristic retro soundtrack. The title offers fluid gameplay with an agile protagonist. On the menu, however, fast katana recordings and acrobatic speed, the software is demanding. The title is intended for action / platform lovers and presents a significant challenge. Although a couple of slashes can get rid of the enemies, you need to avoid projectiles while working your reflexes and memory, telling you perseverance is required. The game is available for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Related Articles: Buy Cyber ​​Shadow from the Nintendo E-Shop for € 19.99

Cave history +

Cave Story + is an old school action game where you play as a quote, a strangely human-looking robot transported into the world of the anthropomorphic Mimigas creatures. The latter live in caves, caverns, huge caverns on a flying island and are victims of kidnapping. Your goal will be to help them fight the evil that is suppressing them and return to the surface from which you seem to have come. On the gameplay side, the title subtly borrows mechanics from platform games, shooters, and adventures with a variety of weapons that you can upgrade, statistical improvements, and finally, you have to interact with NPCs and objects to overcome them. In short, a game design that is undoubtedly reminiscent of a Super Metroid or the Castlevania franchise. Related Articles: Buy Cave Story + from the Nintendo e-Shop for € 29.99


The title is a 16-bit action role-playing game in which you play Léa, an avatar in the multiplayer video game Crossworlds who is amnesiac and silent. You must therefore guide them in this virtual world to learn more about the threat that hangs over Crossworlds. With a lifespan of 30 to 80 hours, an intense combat system with numerous actions and customizable special movements, a successful puzzle mechanic, a huge world of 7 zones full of secrets and a scientific scenario – fascinating fiction – the title is a nugget that gives it something like the nostalgic SNES action RPGs like Secret of Mana. CrossCode is available for PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. Related Articles: Buy CrossCode on the Playstation Store for € 13.99

World of horror

The title is a love letter to the manga artist Junji Ito and to HP Lovecraft. Indeed, World of Horror plunges you into a terrifying reality where strange phenomena put the mental health of residents of Shiokawa, Japan, to the test. As the bonus approaches, the game resembles a visual novel, but is lavish in its mechanics and modes: turn-based clashes against a range of enemies with a Lovecraft aesthetic, exploration, and reckless choices. The game is available in Early Access on Steam. Related Articles: Buy World of Horror on Steam for $ 12.49

Wizard of legend

The title is a 2D dungeon crawler / rogue-like where you play as different mages with multiple skills. The combat system is nervous, tactical and fast movements make it possible to trigger devastating combinations of spells against your enemies. Note that the software counts no less than 104 spells, which means that the gameplay can be varied. The whole thing offers ultra-dynamic gameplay with a pleasant and addicting handling. In addition, the game is fully playable in local co-op on the same screen. Wizard Legend is available for PC, Mac, Switch, PS4, and Xbox One. Related Articles: Buy Wizard of Legend from the Microsoft Store for € 15.99


Celeste, developed by Matt Thorson, is a game in which you have to reach the top of a mountain in more than 600 levels spread over 8 chapters. The title offers perfectly calibrated and dynamic gameplay with a character that we like to take in hand. The level design is smart, precise, and doesn’t make an effort to renew itself. In addition, the app offers generous content as well as a touching story that deals with serious topics and is supported by a haunting soundtrack. In short, Céleste is a totally successful job that will amaze you for ten hours, if not more. The title is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Related Articles: Buy Celeste from the Nintendo e-Shop for € 19.99


Hyper Light Drifter is an action / role-playing game at the crossroads of Dark Souls and a Zelda-style action / adventure in which you have to defeat hordes of enemies, explore a vast and varied open world with a labyrinthine structure and navigate through dungeons . Thanks to the clout of your hero and the help of your sword and blaster, the battles are nervous and tactical with difficult difficulties. Hyper Light Drifter is a game not to be missed. The game is available for PC, PS4, Switch, One, Wii U, Vita, Mac and iOS. Related Articles: Buy Hyper Light Drifter from the Microsoft Store for $ 19.99