Open Country: Open World Hunting Game Revealed – News

Open Country Game News: The Open World Hunting Game Is Revealed After Funlabs has developed numerous titles under the Cabela Hunting Game License, it unveils Open Country, still a hunting game but this time in an arcade style and an open world mix, the exploration and survival. Open Country offers an open world for third parties in large rooms and puts you in the position of an employee who longs for a change in his restrictive city life. The players strive to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and are accompanied by their loyal dog companion. You have to explore the wilderness but also learn survival skills. With its arcade style for a hunting game, the title offers 30 missions to test your skills. In the open world, you can move around freely in this universe to take part in missions or improve your survival skills. You need to carefully manage your supplies when exploring the open world for food, especially while hunting. However, it will still be possible to travel to the city to complete missions and get better weapons and equipment. Open Country will be available from May 18 on the Epic Games Store and Steam for € 14.99. From TheXsable, writing from MP