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Who said moles are doomed to stay underground? In Mail Mole, a platform game by the indie studio Talpa Games, the small animal is the focus. It is his concern to save the city of Carrotland, which has no electricity after the attack by evil pirates. He has to go to different regions of this colorful world to restore power and allow the small town to organize its celebrations. During the delivery of the post. In short, the mole of the mole. Recommended Configurations After a year of hard work, Molty the Mole is having a good time on Coconut Island. The sun is hot, the water is crystal clear and the postman’s job is far away. This is when the little animal receives an extremely important message: “Molty, something terrible is happening in Carrotland”. Neither one nor two, the mole is on its way, although the heat of the day works wonders on its fur. On site it turns out that someone has sabotaged all energy sources in the region and that they need to be reactivated for the annual festival to take place. Fortunately, there is still a bit of electricity to take you to the crime scene. There’s no denying that Mail Mole has its little charm. Talpa Games relies on simple shapes and textures – the famous low poly – worked enough and colorful to create a beautiful little universe. The eight regions that you will traverse thus all have their own character and identity and are not only very different (from canyons to snow-capped mountains over the crater of a volcano). Very classic for the genre of the platform, even if the title can sometimes come as a surprise. But we’ll let you discover for yourself.

Tops and boxes

The different regions of Carrotland are unlocked by collecting energy stacks that you get after completing each level. Typically, you will need three of these items in order to access the rest of the adventure. They know that it is also possible to earn them via the racing mode, which allows you to complete previously visited levels at full speed against multiple AIs. The course of Mail Mole thus runs smoothly and efficiently and at the same time offers a well-managed difficulty curve. We will therefore look forward to advancing in this cute world. Mail Mole – We make our way through the first level (gameplay). What about the lifespan? You will need around 5 hours to complete Mail Mole and an hour to 1 hour 30 for the 100%. The title does not aim at the scale of a New Super Lucky’s Tale or a Super Mario Odyssey. That’s not a bad thing in itself, but Talpa Games’ level design is a little too wise at times. We can roughly divide the levels of the game into two categories: those in the form of “races” (based on speed and reflexes where Molty is powered by boosts) and other more classic ones where the player can move freely. These are obviously being refreshed, sometimes with more verticality, changes in camera angles reminiscent of Super Mario 3D World, challenges that need to be completed quickly, or keys that need to be recovered before you can move on. But here we are far from the genius of Mario, whose catchphrase is often “one level, one new idea”. Nothing dramatic, but some passages seemed a bit too similar to us. Even clumsy, especially in terms of gameplay and certain mechanics.

Too down to earth?

As long as we talk about the level design, let’s move on to the gameplay. In fact, Mail Mole is very reminiscent of Super Lucky’s Tale and especially that mechanic where the character can dive underground. Because in the title of the Talpa Games, the mole stays underground all the time, except when it jumps. A choice that may surprise at first, but Molty helps fake her own identity. The animal can thus more or less jump up by holding the key in question longer or shorter, loading the ground and sprinting. Especially by pressing the sprint button while falling to the ground, a kind of super acceleration is possible that allows you to get faster and break boxes. Also note that there are no enemies in Mail Mole’s levels other than the bosses, which look like platform challenges. As simple as it may seem, these mechanics add a lot to the enjoyment of the game when you jump again after the boost when triggered, you can jump further and sometimes even create a dangerous back road by flying over one or more platforms. A subtle style of play that also takes on its full meaning in the races mentioned above, where players are encouraged to try things out. But a subtlety that can also create a kind of dissonance in level design, provided that certain phases require precision and Molty then gives the impression of dragging itself pretty badly. It’s a shame: that little gameplay detail could have been more exploited, why not in more complex bonus levels. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the time being. Mail Mole – Speeding up the black runway (gameplay)

Taupe pattern

Even if the levels of Mail Mole are quite the same, the whole thing is still pleasant. The title controls are great to feel and browse the areas where lots of carrots and beets are gathered (there are three per tier and they are often well hidden). So no, Molty is not taking advantage of his mission to shop: you can use the items to unlock and buy cosmetics for the little mole, like in a certain Super Mario Odyssey. Everything is done through a shop in the small village of Carrotland that acts as a hub. In addition, like Nintendo’s cardboard, these outfits do not affect the gameplay and are only used to allow the player to customize the animal. An insignificant detail, very fluid, just like the game. Comments + positive points A colorful and calming universe Simple and effective gameplay Eight quite different levels Controlled difficulty curve – negative points A level design a little too wise The “super sprint” is poorly used The platform is smooth, a colorful universe, cute characters … It is sure there is a perfume of calm emanating from Mail Mole. Talpa Games offers a solid platformer with ease, a simple and controlled gameplay, pleasant levels and a nice progress curve. We’ll happily do this in the five to six hours that adventure counts. But we often regret a level design that is too clever, the iterations of which are not daring enough to make this ride an unforgettable adventure. Still, a happy walk in the sun always feels good. And that’s what the title offers us. Journaliste March 8th, 2021 at 19:45:54 Readers’ opinions Give your opinion on this game!