Column: Pyra and Mythra: 5 Things You Should Know About Smash Bros. New Characters !

Pyra and Mythra Chronicle: 5 things you should know about the new Smash Bros. characters! Is the new Smash Bros character fully operational? It is not impossible.

The (almost) heroines of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

It is therefore Pyra and Myhtra who join the already bloated cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. These two heroines come from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and are blades, overwhelmed fighting spirits that accompany Rex, the main hero in his adventure. Unlike Shulk, these new characters aren’t actually the hero of the game they came from. Pyra uses pyrotechnics, hence fire magic, while Mythra appears to use some form of light magic. In Smash Bros they are united in one and the same character. So if you use the low special you can switch heroine if it suits you.

Speed, power, versatility

But why switch between the two? Simply because their stats and the characteristics of their shot are different. Basically, Pyra hits hard and Mythra goes fast. And for once it’s pretty extreme, when you go from one to the other you immediately feel the difference. Their special attacks are also different. Pyra can throw her sword, create a geyser out of flames, or slap around her. Mythra on her side teleports in all directions, jumping and sending one or more projectiles while unleashing a forehand volley in front of her. The difference between a good and a bad Pyra / Mythra will surely be in the judicious choice of character. While it’s pretty obvious that switching to Pyra is better for killing your opponent, you also need to consider off-stage situations or the importance of speed in match-up.

On grandpa’s back

The land that accompanies the heroines is none other than Papy, the titan that Rex uses as a means of transport. The hero’s hut sits on its back and characters seem to be watching the clashes. It will obviously be the music from Xenoblade Chronicles 1 and 2 that will be broadcast during the battles, while a sea of ​​clouds extends as far as the eye can see. In the background we must notice the gigantic titans passing nearby, there is no denying it, it is being imposed. You are sure to come across a number of Pyra and Mythra online if you go to play games in the days to come, so here are some tips to help you beat them. First, learn to find out which one is in the field right now, as their skills will change dramatically. Second, the Myhtra tend to spam their B-side, hence their teleportation, because it is easy to punish an opponent with it. To counter this, a projectile does the trick very well, while an effective strategy is to keep your shield and then punish them once the attack is over. Finally, try to drive it off when Pyra is in play as its slower movement speed makes it much less easy to return to the ground. She can of course switch to Myhtra at any time, but you can use this moment to beat her

What are they worth?

So take it with a grain of salt because the character was barely released, but personally I think he’s very strong. She’s not the easiest character to return to on the field, but otherwise has very few flaws. Good range, mind-boggling speed when Myhtra is on the ground, very good ways to get out of the shield, simple and numerous combos, easy to kill when you move on to Pyra … but most of all for me, Myhtra’s dodge is that Strongest, the slower will put the enemy down. For those who follow Street Fighter, she more or less has the V Shift of Street, other than it’s free and the only character in the game who has it. Here. By Aubin_Gregoire, journalist MP Commander Super Smash Bros. Ultimate