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If you’re craving headshots, dripping demons, and maze-like, nightmarish levels, check out Prodeus Early Access, a “neo-retro” FPS targeting the ’90s. And it’s the best. IMPORTANT: Information on Early Access Tests This Prodeus test assesses the strengths and weaknesses of Early Access and does not constitute a final product test. This test is valid for the date 05/03/2021 and must be revised before testing the final version if there is the game evolved. Recommended Configurations The wave of neo-retro FPS doesn’t seem ready to settle down: After Dawn, Ion Fury or Amid Evil, this is Prodeus. A shooter game that could nostalgically qualify as “Doom-like” as id Software’s title is an obvious inspiration. Be careful, we are talking about the fate of the 90s and, more precisely, its version reinforced with amphetas called Brutal Doom. This title, created by a duo of developers who cut their teeth on Raven and Starbreeze, actually picks up on the well-known “SF horror” aesthetic and pushes the violence buttons 11. Every dejected enemy explodes in one big way red spray and thick blood repainting the walls copiously.

When Doom Meets Evil Dead 3

Artistically, Prodeus seems far too attached to his model at first glance, especially in terms of the sets that alternate futuristic military bases with rocky, lava-filled exteriors. But it stands out from the rest of the genre production with a very nifty animated effect of enemies and weapons, reminiscent of stop-motion in animated films. The rendering on the screen is impressive and you get the impression of facing a horde of monsters straight from a Ray Harryhausen film or Evil Dead III. And most importantly, Prodeus is extremely generous with the variety of enemies and weapons, with the quality that we now expect from a good fast FPS: every weapon is useful and you have to constantly adapt depending on what enemy we are facing . We’ll take out his shotgun or sulfate to clear a small room full of demons, then we’ll take out a rocket launcher or precision weapon to shoot a brain on legs from a distance. The result is an extremely fun and enjoyable progression through diabolical maze levels where you need to get your hands on the map of the right color in order to progress. A level design that is also inspired by Doom as each level can be seen as a huge puzzle that has to be solved by going back and forth. The structure is not absolutely linear, so that there is really no automatic storage, but a system of control points at key points on the plane. A bit like in Bioshock, each death brings you back to the last activated checkpoint without the enemies reappearing. Progress is a bit easier, therefore, and the old backpackers of the genre will have every interest in going too “Difficult” or even more to use a minimum of challenge. The game also has the good taste to be able to change the difficulty on the fly.

The FPS “RPG Maker”?

In terms of content, this early access offers Prodeus a rather incomplete campaign that stops abruptly after about fifteen levels. We therefore walk around pretty quickly even if the game pushes you to repeat the courses to improve your score and uncover many secret areas. So there is something to have fun for about ten hours. But where the title is really interesting is in its community aspect. Again in the spirit of modding launched by Doom in 1993, a map editor is provided and the title is already full of levels made by the community. They are very easy to download and you can sort them by number of downloads, rating, age, or even by keywords. And the level of creativity already seems to be excellent, offering a potentially infinite life to the title. In short, Prodeus is already a highly recommended neo-retro FPS that certainly does not reinvent the formula, but offers everything you would expect from a game of this kind: different weapons with potatoes, ultra-violence, a pleasant level design and a sustained pace. There is also the community aspect, which can really make the difference in the long term and last for years if the creations follow suit. A safe bet for those who have fast FPS in their blood. Notes + Positive Points A very successful arsenal Gore and violent as it should be Successful graphic style Labyrinthine level design The creations of the community It looks like Doom Version 1993-Negatives For currently Few levels in the campaign’s checkpoint system showing the progress make something too easy. It still looks a lot like Doom 1993. With its HD remake look of Doom, its metal-industrial soundtrack, and its chaotic demons that could be beheaded with shotguns, Prodeus could pass for an uninspired rip off. But the formula works surprisingly well, thanks to an assertive graphic style, weapons that have a damn good fish and maze level like we like it. The title is (at the moment) a bit narrow in terms of content compared to the content of the single player campaign. It makes up for it with the ability to download lots of layers created by a community that seems to be very active already. This is perhaps the key to success for Prodeus, who could eventually become a kind of “RPG maker” of the neo-retro FPS. Journaliste March 7th, 2021 at 09:34:07 Readers’ opinions Give your opinion on this game!

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