PlayStation Plus: In March, the incredible Final Fantasy VII Remake and more! – News

PlayStation Plus Game News: In March, The Incredible Final Fantasy VII Remake And More! PlayStation Plus offers you a selection of titles every month in summer and winter to give you an extraordinary experience on your console. Prepare your controller in March, the great Final Fantasy VII remake adventure is waiting for you! One of the most popular role-playing games in recent years, Final Fantasy VII Remake brings the legendary story of Cloud Strife back to life on PlayStation 4. Experience Midgard in a whole new light, accompanied by a dynamic combat system if desired, and defeat the terrible Shinra enterprise! This exciting quest awaits you until April 1st, followed by the two current shooters, starting with Farpoint. This FPS was developed for PlayStation VR headsets and takes you to a hostile planet full of warlike aliens. A frenetic experience for thrill seekers! The other shooter is none other than the excellent rest: From the Ashes, a creation by the Gunfire Games studio that combines third-person shooting and intense hand-to-hand combat. Finally, let’s finish with Maquette, a production intended for PlayStation 5 fans of puzzle game owners. As the name suggests, this title invites you to solve puzzles in a scale model. To do this, you need to switch between a full view and a narrower view by visiting the model directly. Download multiple games each month, all of which are included in PlayStation Plus, and enjoy other benefits such as access to online multiplayer, exclusive PS Store discounts and 100 GB of storage in the cloud. Discover the games included in PlayStation Plus