Disney +: Marvel movies, series, documentaries you shouldn’t miss in March 2021 – News

Disney + Culture News: Wonderful Movies, TV Shows and Documentaries Not to Miss in March 2021 Disney +, the video-on-demand service from the big-eared company, is back in March with a busy schedule! After the arrival of the “Star” category on February 23, a category that particularly offers films and series for an older audience (Alien, American Dad), the catalog grows again with the first episodes of the spin-off being offered in March Series Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the final episode of the first season of WandaVision or the documentary Gathering by Marvel Studios.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier – Season 1

The very first season of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is coming to Disney +. In fact, at the request of the American giant, the two characters that we have already seen several times in the saga of Avengers or in the films of Captain America will join forces again on the video service from March 19 to offer us new spectacular adventures . Falcon and the Winter Soldier are again represented on the screen by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan and the whole thing is broken down into six 60-minute episodes. Available the week of March 19th on Disney +

Agents of SHIELD – Season 6

The sixth season of Agents of SHIELD also uses March to get into the Disney + catalog. Dedicated to the heroes of the shadowy world of Marvel, this series offers Avengers fans the chance to discover the adventures of the fine team, composed in particular of Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) and Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge). The latter also have to find their friend Leopold Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) to fend off an unknown force. As a reminder: Season 6 is divided into 13 episodes with a total duration of 9 hours. Available the week of March 5th on Disney +

WandaVision – The last episode of season 1

If there is one program not to be missed in March, it is WandaVision. In fact, the most watched series in the US in January 2021 will reveal the conclusion of its very first season on March 5th. At the same time, let’s recall that the program with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany), two key characters in the Avengers films, allowed the big-eared company’s catalog to attract a larger audience. In fact, Disney + now has nearly 95 million subscribers, while Disney is only expected to reach 60 million subscribers by November 2024. Available the week of March 5th on Disney +

The shape of the water

A great movie classic will also be featured in the Disney + catalog in March. In fact, The Shape of Water, the film that won four Academy Awards in 2018, including Best Picture, will land on the company’s video-on-demand service with big ears on March 26th. The film, directed by Guillermo Del Toro (Pacific), offers us the opportunity to follow the adventures of Elisa (Sally Hawkins), an isolated and mute young woman who will meet an amphibian like no other on Doug’s screen Jones Available the week of March 26th on Disney +

Marvel Studios gather

Finally, in March, and more precisely on the 12th of the month, Disney + will offer a documentary series from Marvel Studio called Gathering (as a tribute to the rallying cry of the Avengers). The latter takes fans behind the scenes of films and other MCU series and begins with a first episode dedicated to the successful WandaVision adventure. The next episodes of Gathering then focus on the series Falcon and The Winter Soldier, Loki or Hawkeye, but also and especially on the next MCU blockbuster, namely Black Widow with Scarlett Johansson, from March 12th on Disney +

Further programs will follow

The little champions: Game Changers (March 26th on Disney +) La Plage (March 5th on Disney +) The children of Timpelbach (March 5th on Disney +) A shortcut in time (March 19th on Disney +) From JeromeJoffard, writing jeuxvideo. com MPTwitter