Bravely Default 2, Barrage and Domination: Our Guide to the Card Game and Opponents – News

News tip Bravely Default 2, Barrage and Domination: Our guide to the card game and the opponents behind the name Barrage & Domination hides the card game of Bravely Default 2, a very nice entertainment that combines strategy and placement and can keep you busy for many hours in between two intensive agricultural sessions. Today we offer you a special guide. In this part of our Bravely Default 2 walkthrough, you can discover everything you need to know to get your first cards and unlock this mini-game, as well as a list of the opponents you may encounter during your adventure. When you get all of the cards in the collection, you can collect an accessory: the Cheater Case. With this item equipped, you can get more CP and PG depending on the number of B&D games you have played. We take stock of this component of the game in our full Bravely Default 2 solution. Also Read: Return to the Bravely Default II Solution Summary. By Antistar, journalist MPTwitter