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Among Us, the news game features a discussion menu and promises news. Released in 2018, Among Us is back in the news in 2020 thanks to a series of streamers that allow the title to stand out from the crowd and explode. Now everything Innersloth says or does is closely monitored by the community, and the studio regularly posts content and updates to Among US. The latest addition is QuickChat, a radial menu for quick communication via text chat. An option presented as quick and practical, intended for players who do not want or cannot use their own voice. In a tweet posted last night, the studio showed off this accessibility option, but also teased the news about the next big update. Hey Crewmates, little feature – we just added Quickchat (v 2021.2.21) – this is an easier, faster and safer option if you use text chat! More info in game, I know you’re waiting for the big update news too. The ball is rolling, I promise I will get more information soon! 🙏 – Unter uns 🛠 is still working on bug fixes !! (@AmongUsGame) March 5, 2021 (…) I know that you are also waiting for news about the next big update. Things are on the way and I promise I will give you more information soon. In another tweet posted right below, the developers point out that the latest update introduced some lobbies and party glitches on some platforms, but a hotfix is ​​already in development. Finally, they state that players can change their information when the account system is available and that other features can be provided.

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By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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