Xbox Free Play Days – Going Under and Descenders to Court This Weekend – News

Xbox Free Play Days Game News – Going Down And Falling In Court This Weekend It’s weekend again, which means the Xbox Free Play Days program has just updated. From now on, Xbox Live Gold players can experience a variety of adventures thanks to the arrival of Going Under, a satirical dungeon crawler, and Descenders, a sports game with random routes. Once you have been won over by any of these experiences, you can buy them later as usual, taking advantage of numerous discounts. This page is where you can find and download all of the Free Play Days games on Xbox One.


Players can therefore enjoy Going Under for free until Monday, March 8, 2021 at 8:59 a.m. The Team17 production invites you to travel to Neo-Cascadia, a dystopian and colorful city, accompanied by an unpaid intern who is particularly angry. The latter can therefore, to defend himself against insatiable bosses and his unfriendly colleagues, use items found here and there, starting with office trash. Also note that the title uses the original dungeons that were procedurally generated.


The second production being tested in the Xbox Free Play Days program this weekend is none other than the popular Descenders. The game No More Robots and RageSquid offers thrill-seekers the chance to ride down the tracks at full speed on mountain bikes, performing incredible tricks to make the scores explode. Just like Going Under, Descenders breaks the repeatability of its formula by offering new paths with every attempt, thanks to procedurally generated worlds. By JeromeJoffard, writing from MPTwitter

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