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News Shop Shuntaro Furukawa: “Every year is a critical time” for Nintendo CEO Shortly after the Nintendo financial report was released a few weeks ago, Nintendo CEO Shuntaro Furukawa reported that the Switch is in the middle of its life cycle and that the research and development teams were already working on new experiments. With 80 million switches sold and an estimated net profit of 3.15 billion euros for the entire fiscal year, one would think that the teams are optimistic about the future and the nights of the managers are rather quiet. However, the company’s president refuses to lessen his vigilance, as he explains in an interview with Nikkei Business and whose words are passed on by Gamekult: No matter how successful a product is, there will always be a time in the entertainment business when people become be bored. We have experienced sudden downturns in our business many times in the past. (…) Therefore I do not believe that this situation will last long, like other people in society. I see each year as more of a critical moment. If we don’t bring fresh and surprising proposals to new consumers, we’ll be forgotten. I always have that sense of urgency in mind after the president brought up the cloud games case we told you about and returned to taking over Next Level Games (Luigi’s Mansion 3). He particularly points out that this acquisition is the culmination of many years of cooperation and does not respond to the simple desire for more resources. He concludes by discussing how he runs the business and how he is following the path taken by Tatsumi Kimishima: My predecessor, Mr. Kimishima, assumed the presidency after the sudden death of Satoru Iwata, which was a difficult situation. Urgency to society. He changed the structure of the company so that it could be run without being the center of attention. I will continue to lead the business in that direction. Mr. Iwata’s style is not a style that everyone can imitate. Better to be true to your way of being.

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