Risitas: € 14,063 raised for the icon of our forums – News

Risitas Personality Messages: € 14,063 raised for the icon of our forums On January 25th we presented the initiative of Cutface, an internet user determined to help Juan Joya Borja, known as Risitas, who suffers from severe diabetes and amputation. Organized on Leetchi, who quickly confirmed the authenticity of the approach, the fundraiser recently ended. In total, internet users and other supporters were able to collect € 14,063, which was transmitted as follows: € 5,000 was donated by the Risitas family to the Carida hospital. € 2,000 was used to provide Juan Joya Borja with an electric wheelchair. The rest of Risitas kept recovering and weakening. Even so, he demonstrated his wheelchair in a new video posted on Cutface’s YouTube channel. The internet user took the opportunity to thank all participants with the number 1152 as well as the various media that passed the initiative on. Congratulations again to everyone who took part in the prize pool, whether on Twitter or between the ages of 18 and 25. This proves in a very good way that there are also many positive things in this forum. (…) And finally, a big thank you to Miguel, one of Risitas’ best friends, without whom nothing would have been possible! By MalloDelic, journalist jeuxvideo.com MP