GTA Online – The Grotti Brioso 300 is back – News

GTA Online Game News – Grotti Brioso 300 is Back It’s a new week that has arrived under the glorious Los Santos sun! Indeed, GTA Online, the multiplayer mode of Rockstar Games’ flagship title, is being updated again to bring many new features to players. As always, let’s start with the latest motorized additions, starting with the big comeback of the Grotti Brioso 300 which arrives at Southern San Andreas Super Autos at full speed. Of course, players who don’t feel like spending their hard-earned GTA $ can also head to the city’s great casino to spin the wheel of fortune and hope to repot the Bravado loser or even the if you’re here to refuel. They also know that GTA Online also offers double rewards across different game modes: On-the-Fly Seizure, Air and Water Racing, and On My Yacht Missions. Also note that it is possible to get maximum profit from air freight sales. Players who have successfully completed an air cargo mission before March 11, 2021 will receive the neon-lit necklace and the red and blue bracelets as a gift within 72 hours. Also note that it is possible to obtain the Panic Prolapse Sports Top and Panic Prolapse Sports Shorts if you have completed the final stage of the Cayo Perico Heist by March 17th and manage to get a secondary goal in your pocket to press.


-60% in the hangars-50% in the luxury Galaxy Yatch-40% in the Buckingham Akula-40% in the P-996 Lazer-40% in the Mammoth Avenger-40% in the Ateliers De L’Avenger-40% at the FH- 1 Hunter-40% on the Savage-40% on the Principe Deveste Eight-40% on the Pegassi Zorrusso By JeromeJoffard, Editor MPTwitter