Genshin Impact Trailer: Update 1.4 is coming

Genshin Impact Trailer: Update 1.4 On March 17th, Genshin Impact will be updated to version 1.4. Details will be given in a presentation that will begin at 5 p.m. on the official YouTube channel. To celebrate this upcoming launch, the developers at MiHoYo have unveiled a new trailer. In this way we can find out that the Genshin Impact update 1.4 is called Invitation des Alizées and will include the Lunar City Festival. We also discover that various mini-games are offered, including a rhythm game, balloon shooting or a course that must be completed with the glider. By participating, players can unlock the 4-star weapon Ode aux Alizées. In addition, players can make appointments with Barbara, Benett, Chongryun and Noelle, knowing that attending these meetings will unlock new dialogue options. The next 5-star character is rumored to be Venti, but the studio hasn’t revealed anything about it yet. In addition to these various elements, MiHoYo insisted on the presence of the Spirit of Water, which will offer players new challenges. Finally, a new quest related to Dainsleif will be offered, accompanied by a mode in which waves of creatures are eliminated. Content details for Update 1.4 should be released after the presentation. By MalloDelic, journalist MP