Column: The Xbox boss in a Nintendo documentary?

Chronicle The Xbox boss in a Nintendo documentary? A 5-part documentary on the history of Nintendo will be available shortly. And to delve into the archives of the Japanese company, some former employees were invited to share their stories, but also a certain Phil Spencer, boss of Xbox. SuriPlay comes back to this in the first newspaper of the day. It was the American streaming platform Crakle that announced the news last month: They will be releasing a 5-part documentary on Nintendo. This deals with the archives of the Japanese company founded in 1889 and offers the anecdotes of several former employees. And we learn that a certain Xbox boss, Phil Spencer, has also been invited to participate. In the first part, released this afternoon, we learn what Xbox makes its competitor look like.

Phil Spencer’s respect for Nintendo

The head of Xbox wanted to welcome Nintendo’s drive to make video games a family activity and accessible to all, with real innovation every time. Quoting the Wii, for example, he remembers the surprise that struck him when he discovered the console and the difference in experience it brought with it. He admitted that he could never have designed the Wii and recalls the importance of innovation in this environment. On the other hand, he’s still having issues with the Nintendo 64 controller. CHECK ALL DAILY JVCOM REVIEWS By Wuzi_, MP of the Editor of