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News Tip Bravely Default 2, Class Guide: Asterisks and Legendary Level Evolution, Our Guide In Bravely Default 2, the asterisks are used as classes that you can unlock during your adventure. Most of these can be obtained as the story progresses, but some can be unlocked by completing side quests. Here we describe their full list and how to access it. Each class in Bravely Default 2 has a special ability that you can use after performing the required command a certain number of times, as well as two specialties. The first will be unlocked as soon as you get the star and you will need to reach level 12 mastery to unlock the second. After reaching Chapter 6, you can increase the mastery level to 15 by going to specific locations and passing a test. We explain all of this in detail in our full Bravely Default 2 solution. This part of our full Bravely Default 2 solution will teach you everything you need to know about asterisks, how to get them, and how to get them. ” Place to Unlock Your Max Championship Level: Asterisks Trials Room Also Read: Return to Bravely Default II Solution Summary By Antistar, Journalist MPTwitter