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News tip Valheim: How do I find money? Our guide In Valheim, money is a very scarce resource, but it is one of the most important ones to keep in your inventory. We explain how to find them in our comprehensive guide. Money is an important resource in Valheim for making many items. Even so, it remains rare and difficult to access, especially solo. Follow our full guide to Valheim to learn where and how to farm.


To make money, you must first defeat Mace of Bones, the boss you find in the swamp biome. Once you are done, collect his trophy as well as a bréchet that will undoubtedly be the main item in your quest.

Find money

Once your bréchet is in hand, head to the mountain biome equipped with mead so as not to fear the cold. Activate your Bréchet with a right click and follow its vibrations. Once a silver vein is found (you will hear the bréchet pounding fast and hard), use an iron pickaxe to dig the vein. Don’t hesitate to bring several pickaxes and dig in the void too to make sure you’ve dug the deposit to the end. Also Read: Summary of Valheim’s Complete Guide By MoahRikunel, writing from MP

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