Oculus Quest 2 – VR Headset Will Become PC Gamers Favorite In Just 5 Months – News

Hardware News Oculus Quest 2 – In Just 5 Months, the VR Headset Will Become PC Gamers Favorite In just a few months, the Quest 2, the virtual reality headset from Oculus, will be a must-have for all technology-loving gamers. The device is not only completely autonomous and, above all, much more ergonomic than its predecessor, it can also keep up with the Oculus Rift S. No wonder the headset has established itself among gamers since its launch last October. The Oculus Quest 2, which launched last October, has quickly become the preferred VR headset for PC gamers, according to a survey conducted by Steam. As you can see at this link, the Oculus Quest 2 already represents 22.91% of the VR headsets used on the Valve platform. We also learn that it is another Oculus branded headset that ranks second at 21.58%, which is the Rift S. The VR Valve Index and HTC Vive headsets make up 16% and 13.05, respectively % of VR devices used on Steam from The first reason for this success is obviously value for money. Despite an attractive price, most retailers sell the helmet around € 350, the latter still containing the latest technology. With the nomadic headset, after connecting it to a PC, you can enjoy gourmet VR experiences in the best possible conditions, starting with Half-Life: Alyx. Also note that unlike Valve’s headset, Valve’s Index, the Quest 2 hasn’t suffered from a lack of replenishment of its components and that the Quest 2 could become even more important to gamers in the coming months since updating to The Headset will be used in March to dramatically increase the update rate. On paper, the Quest 2 will therefore go from 90 Hz to 120 Hz. To be able to use this update, your PC must of course also be equipped with a very good graphics card. You’ll Also Like: By JeromeJoffard, Write Jeuxvideo .com MPTwitter